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Independent Living Program

New Beginnings offers independent apartments and private bedrooms in shared-living homes throughout Fayette County. Each of these units are targeted to serve individuals with serious mental illnesses (SMI). Residents pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income for rent and the remaining portion is subsidized primarily through block grant funding awarded to the agency by the Lexington - Fayette Urban County Housing Authority. Although New Beginnings is the owner and landlord for these units, residents are not required to participate in any services, including those provided by our agency. New Beginnings has Housing Support Specialists who are available to  assist program participants develop and implement person-centered recovery plans to address their individual needs.

Supported Living Programs

Setters House
In response to the 1999 Supreme Court decision made in Olmstead vs. L.C. to require states to eliminate unjustified segregation of individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) by serving these individuals in the community rather than in institutions, New Beginnings partnered with the Kentucky Division of Behavioral Health, Bluegrass Regional MH-MR Board, and Eastern State Hospital to establish a 24/7 supportive residential program for individuals who were ready to transition from the hospital to the community. In 2003, New Beginnings established the “Setters House” and began accepting referrals from ESH’s Olmstead Transition Committee. This program, currently located in a cozy single-family home in the Idle Hour neighborhood, serves 3 individuals with SMI who benefit from receiving intensive support in a residential setting. The Setters House has successfully allowed individuals with extensive hospitalization histories to live full, meaningful lives in the community.

Christman House
As a result of a Settlement Agreement between the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and Kentucky Protection and Advocacy, New Beginnings’ contract with the state was amended in January 2015 to include funding to operate a second 24/7 supportive housing program. This program was designed to provide intensive supports to individuals with SMI who were living in personal care homes to allow them to successfully transition to independent and integrated housing in the community. Christman House is named after founding board member, Rick Christman. This beautiful single-family home is located off Richmond Road with easy access to shops, restaurants, and public transportation.


Due to the high demand for our services, applicants who pre-qualify for our program will be placed on a waiting list.

Priority is given to the following applicants:
1) Individuals being discharged from Eastern State Hospital or other psychiatric hospital.
2) Individuals being discharged from Central Kentucky Recovery Center or other personal care home.
3) Individuals experiencing homelessness who are diagnosed with a psychotic disorder or a mood disorder with psychosis that impairs their ability to live independently without support services.